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Clarification on OSHA Work-related Recordkeeping Exemption

By October 11, 2016March 11th, 2019No Comments

OSHA requires employers to keep and maintain records of work-related injuries and illnesses. However, if an employee develops an injury or illness while performing a personal task or is injured outside of his or her normal work hours, it can be difficult to determine your OSHA obligations. That’s why OSHA recently clarified the requirements necessary for an injury or illness to be exempt from recordkeeping requirements.

In the clarification, OSHA presented an example in which an employee brought a plow to work, which he intended to loan to a co-worker. After the employee’s regular shift ended, he attempted to move the plow to the co-worker’s truck. However, in the process, the employee injured his back.

OSHA stated that the injury presented in this example would not be considered work-related, and would therefore be exempt from recordkeeping regulations. This is because the injury met both of the requirements needed to fall under the personal-task exemption:

• The injury or illness must solely be the result of an employee performing a personal task at the workplace
• The injury or illness must occur outside of an employee’s assigned work hours, including during formal and informal break times.

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