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Financial Assurance

Conservation United Proudly Offers USACE & State Approved Financial Assurances Tailored to Meet Your Needs.

By May 17, 2017March 11th, 2019No Comments

As pioneers in creating this insurance, Conservation United is dedicated to helping Mitigation Banks protect their assets, and gain a clear competitive advantage, year after year.

Because we have a deep understanding of our customers’ environmental exposure, we also anticipate emerging issues and changing market needs – and regularly enhance Environmental Protection to address them. Our insight led us to offer alternative Financial Assurance Instruments on a stand-alone and portfolio basis. It enables us to offer industry-leading completely adaptable program terms and conditions.

  • No Collateral Requirements
  • Multi-Year Policies Available – 10-Year Policies Available
  • Available for Wetlands Banking, In Lieu Fee & Permittee Responsible Projects
  • Compatible with USACE and State Agency Requirements
  • Provides Coverage for Construction & Monitoring

Building on experience, Conservation United represents a unique, never before seen partnership between the conservation sector and insurance industry. First and foremost, we are conservationists at heart. Like you, we have cut our teeth working in specialized and complex environmental projects; our staff averages nearly 20 years of experience working in Watershed Management and Conservation.

Commitment grounded in financial strength, Businesses need the protection of an insurer that has the staying power to be there when a claim occurs and a policy that is not going to disappear from the market in a few years. In the long run, an insurer’s protection is only as good as its financial strength. Conservation United has partnered with a Domestic A.M. Best Rated A+ insurance carrier to meet the environmental insurance needs of our clients.  No other insurer can match the technical knowledge, financial strength and commitment to environmental liability on all fronts.

Need an application to get started?  Contact Conservation United today at 855-570-2797.  Our professional staff looks forward to helping you with your project.