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Guns in Parking Lots Laws by State

By February 22, 2018March 11th, 2019No Comments

When considering whether to prohibit or restrict an employee from storing a firearm in a privately owned vehicle parked on employer property, an employer should first consider state laws. Many states throughout the country have “parking lot storage” laws that give employees the right to keep firearms in their vehicles even when they are parked on employer-owned property. These laws often have rules on where a firearm must be kept, such as hidden away in a locked car or out of plain sight, but these rules vary from state to state. The following chart shows which states have parking lot storage laws.


State Parking Lot Storage Law?
Alabama Yes
Alaska Yes
Arizona Yes
Arkansas Yes
California No
Colorado No
Connecticut No
Delaware No
District of Columbia No
Florida Yes
Georgia Yes
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois Yes
Indiana Yes
Iowa No
Kansas Yes
Kentucky Yes
Louisiana Yes
Maine Yes
Maryland No
Massachusetts No
Michigan No
Minnesota Yes
Mississippi Yes
Missouri No
Montana No
Nebraska Yes
Nevada No
New Hampshire No
New Jersey No
New Mexico No
New York No
North Carolina No
North Dakota Yes
Ohio Yes
Oklahoma Yes
Oregon No
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island No
South Carolina No
South Dakota No
Tennessee Yes
Texas Yes
Utah Yes
Vermont No
Virginia No
Washington No
West Virginia No
Wisconsin Yes
Wyoming No