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Screening Volunteers for Your Nonprofit Organization

By September 29, 2016March 11th, 2019No Comments

volunteer screening

Regardless of how your nonprofit organization recruits volunteers (e.g., word of mouth, via your company website or enrollment programs), Conservation United can help you establish a stringent volunteer screening process. This incredibly effective risk management tool will lend a hand in preventing any unnecessary harm and will allow your organization to select the best person for the position.

The ultimate goal at the end of the screening process is to answer the following questions:

Does the individual pose a risk of harm to the community members the organization serves?

Does the individual pose a risk of harm to staff members, supervisors and the Board of Directors at the organization?

Does the individual understand the responsibilities and the expectations of the organization?

Screening Guidelines

The primary rule when developing screening guidelines is that they must be tailored to the position your nonprofit organization is seeking to fill. Each position requires different skills, interaction with different types of people and different life experiences. Therefore, your organization must develop multiple guidelines for all the positions available.

Before beginning to screen individuals, establish a description for the position and assess the risks involved. Identify the core responsibilities, special skills needed and an idea of the ideal candidate. Then, select the appropriate tools to best assess the individual.

Regardless of the position, each individual should fill out an application, sit down for an interview with a supervisory staff member and have his/her references checked. The only exception to this involves volunteers who have a one-time exposure to a low-risk group of individuals in an extremely controlled situation. Positions in which the volunteer works closely with children or the elderly or handles funds should have more extensive background checks.

Conservation United can help your nonprofit organization create a customized volunteer screening process that includes the appropriate applications, background checks/offender registries and Motor Vehicle (DMV) records to safeguard your organization.  Call us today:  855-570-2797